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Global display of operation feedback.

Code demo

Click to trigger the global prompt
<r-button type="primary" onclick="'This is a hint')">Click to trigger the global prompt</r-button>



Different prompt types

Information prompt
Warning prompt
Error prompt
Success tip
toast tip
<r-button onclick="'This is a hint')">Information prompt</r-button>
<r-button onclick="message.warning('This is a hint')">Warning prompt</r-button>
<r-button onclick="message.error('This is a hint')">Error prompt</r-button>
<r-button onclick="message.success('This is a hint')">Success tip</r-button>
<r-button onclick="message.toast('This is a hint')">toast tip</r-button>


The component provides a number of static methods, using the following methods and parameters:

  1. You can pass only one parameter, prompt the content, the default prompt 3000 milliseconds'This is a hint')

message.warning('This is a hint')

message.error('This is a hint')

message.success('This is a hint')

message.toast('This is a hint')"

  1. You can also pass an object, set the prompt content, turn off the delay, and trigger the callback function when you close it{content:'This is a hint', duration: 2000, close: () => {}})

message.warning({content:'This is a hint', duration: 2000, close: () => {}})

message.error({content:'This is a hint', duration: 2000, close: () => {}})

message.success({content:'This is a hint', duration: 2000, close: () => {}})

message.toast({content:'This is a hint', duration: 2000, close: () => {}})

contentPrompt contentstring
durationAutomatic shutdown delay, in milliseconds. Default 3000 msnumber
closeCallback function triggered when closed() => void

Released under the MIT License.